FHLS provides an extensive range of services, including:

  • Stock Broking Services - for listed & unlisted public companies in Fiji & overseas

Establish your Financial Independence and Secure your Financial Future
FHLS stock broking business was established to provide investors with a service that allows you to buy and sell shares on a convenient platform as well as to provide you with sound and objective advice on the investment opportunities available in the Fiji Market, based on our market experience and knowledge.

Trades all stocks listed on the SPSE and majority trades in FHL shares which is listed on the restricted board.

Overseas clients wishing to purchase stocks on the SPSE can do so through FHLS as well.
For more information on individual stock performance, contact FHLS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • FHLS can trade your stocks in any unlisted local public company but will be dependent on suitable buyer.


  • FHLS can also trade any listed stocks via overseas via our overseas trading facility.
  • The most popular stocks traded are listed on the Australian Exchange Listed Stock e.g. ANZ & CBA shares.
  • Through our networks in the Australian broking market, FHLS is able to buy or sell any stock that you want.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
    1. Wealth creation through proper financial strategies.
    2. Determine current and future financial status
    3. Develop and implement suitable strategies to achieve your financial targets.
  • Investment Advisory-
    1. Consultancy & Corporate Finance to guard, save and grow your wealth for the future.

Financial Consultancy

  • Corporate Finance Services to guard save and grow your wealth for the future
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Market experience and knowledge to manage of your portfolio.
  • Sound and prudent advice to grow your investment portfolio under management.
  • Other Specialist Financial Services

FHLS provides the following services to facilitate your investment needs:

  • Preparation and Registration of Trust Deeds if you want to invest as a Trust
  • Extraction of VolaniKawaBula (VKB) in case of investing with FHL
  • Facilitate Private Transfer of Shares transaction for any security listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.

For any further advice, please talk to our licensed stockbrokers/dealers and investment advisors before making any investment decision.




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