FHLS also has a Broker/Dealer license to trade listed stocks on the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE).

Broker/dealer’ means a member of the South Pacific Stock Exchange and also holds both a broker’s license and a dealer’s license from the RBF.

‘Broker’ means a person/an entity who:
a) Carries on the business of buying and selling securities as an agent for investors in return for a commission; and
b) In conjunction with such a business advises others concerning securities or issues or promulgates analyses or reports concerning securities, whether or not the person carries on any other business.

‘Dealer’ means a person/entity that carries on the business of buying, selling, dealing, underwriting of securities as a principal, whether or not he carries on any other business.

Licensed Broker Representatives

  • Elenoa Vuniwa
  • Joana Saqalagilagi

Services Provided

  • Stock broking services- for listed and unlisted companies in Fiji
  • Overseas Trading Facility




Subsidiary Partners